Century House

  • Century House, Wembley
  • Preservation
  • Feb 19
  • Mar 19

The Project

Crownstone were called in by a prestigious nationwide block manager to provide a solution to the mystery of a leaking flat roof. When Crownstone arrived, in spite of numerous surveyors’ visits and more patch repairs than you can count on two hands…the problem still had not been solved: water had been pouring in below for over 12 months and not only were residents complaining of ruined finishes and furnishing on nights of heavy rainfall, it was beginning to affect their sleep.

Main Features
  • Fast Acting Liquid Membrane
  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Single Waterproofing System
  • Bridges All Existing Systems
  • Cost Effective Solution

Project Requirements

A swift survey and a handful of invasive tests later, Crownstone had confidently located and diagnosed the defect. However, time and budget were not on our side. Installing a completely new roofing system in less than clement weather, was not only unadvisable but, on an area this size, was going to break the budget.

Crownstone needed to come up with a durable, water-tight and fully-guaranteed system which would not only eradicate water ingress, but would avoid unnecessary delays under Section 20.

Screens Designed
Motion Transitions
Dev Hours

Our Solution

As independent designers of waterproofing systems, Crownstone were able to draw on 20 years of structural waterproofing experience, as well as an unmatched knowledge of manufacturers and products, to use an innovative cold-liquid overlay system, which effectively created a sealed system around the existing roof.

The Result

The difference inside was immediately noticeable. Long-suffering residents not only commented that things were drying out, but that they weren’t being kept awake by the perturbing sound of rainwater pouring in above their heads. In addition, Crownstone were able to offer a 20-year guarantee for their works, ensuring peace of mind for both the residents and block managers as they look to the future.